Emile Henry Large Mxing Bowl, 10.2-inch, 5.8-quart

Deep ceramic mixing bowl is beautifully glazed to stand tough against chipping, cracking, crazing and discoloring. Crafted of France's mineral-rich Burgundy clay with its superior heat retention properties&149; Eco-responsible Emile Henry uses only natural products in their ceramic&149; Exclusive Emile Henry Ceradon technology ensures long-lasting durability&149; 5.8-qt. Emile Henry mixing bowl is hand-finished and signed by its individual craftsman&149; Smoothly glazed ceramic will not crack, chip, scratch, craze or discolor&149; Ceramic mixing bowl does not absorb stains, odors and flavors&149; Oven- and microwave-safe to 500 F and broiler-safe&149; Freezer-safe to -4 F and can go straight from freezer to hot cooking appliance&149; Suited for use with metal utensils, but nonmetal utensils are recommended to better protect the bowl's surface&149; Food-safe glaze is free of lead and cadmium&149; White interior and rich exterior colors accentuate any kitchen decor&149; Dishwasher-safe; hand washing is recommended&149; 10-year limited warranty