Eve Lom Hand Cream

Give hard-working hands the attention they deserve with this lush hand cream. The nourishing formula is full of shea butter and antioxidants to keep your skin supple and smooth while also protecting against environmental damage. The texture is rich, yet easily absorbed so hands never become slippery, just silky soft. Hands are often neglected but it’s easy to keep them looking their best with the Eve Lom’s Hand Cream + SPF 10 from Space NK. The exfoliator salicylic acid and smoothes and brightens the skin helping to keep hands looking youthful, while jojoba oil and beeswax seal in essential moisture. Added sunscreen guards against damaging UV rays to keep the tops of your hands looking youthful and to keep tell-tale age spots and lines at bay. Suitable for everyone and especially recommended for those who work outdoors.