Fagor 2-Quart Double Boiler with Steamer Insert

2 quart 
Stackable saucepan, steamer and double boiler in one. Stackable, saucepan, steamer and double boiler in one. Encapsulated base ensures even heating without hot spots. Maintains consistent water temperature for uniform heating of ingredients in the double boiler or basket insert. Use the bottom pan as a saucepan to cook delicate white sauce, tomato- or olive-oil based sauce. Also ideal to boil pasta, potatoes or rice. Double boiler solid insert elevates ingredients at the ideal distance above heat, preventing eggs, milk or cream from separating. Melt cheese or chocolate to velvety smoothness. Steamer basket insert steams vegetables or shellfish, retaining flavor and nutrients. Tempered clear glass lid to monitor cooking progress. Steam vent prevents boilovers. Riveted handles for durability. Wide-loop easy-grip handles for safe transport