Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop

Cook food 50% faster and save energy with Fagor electric cooktop. Cook food 50% faster and save twice the energy. Rapid and precise heating, safe and lightweight to cook anywhere. Extensive temperature range: 140 to 390 F for cooking versatility. 7 precision power levels: melt, warm, medium low, medium high, boil, sear and stir fry. 2 Quick Launch settings, boil and warm to instantly reach desired temperature. Recognizes base of cookware for compatibility. Heats only the pot diameter to save energy. Durable, easy-clean Schott Ceran glass-ceramic cooktop is the premium cooking surface in appliances. Quick Temperature Check displays actual temperature, ensuring precise cooking. Ideal secondary cooktop for buffets, catering or to heat food or sauce by the grill. Safe and efficient cooking surface surrounding pan stays cool to the touch. Induction cooking utilizes 90% of energy, compared to 50% used by conventional methods. Child safety lock system. Automatic shutoff. Includes quick reference operational guide, user's manual and recipes