Foscarini Magneto Floor Lamp

25U - GRAY ,
63U - RED
Design by Giulio Iacchetti, 2011 By Foscarini. Defined by attraction, the Magneto Floor Lamp combines function with clever design to create a unique product that exhibits just as much personality as it does usability. An eco-friendly LED light is held in place on a vertical stem by a spherical magnet, allowing the light to be manipulated in any direction. Lamp height is adjustable by moving the magnet into indentations along the stem. Offered in red or gray. Material: Abs Polymer Steel Dimensions: 7.88"D X 47.75"H Head: 8"L Lamp Type: LED Bulbs: 2 X 2.4W LED, 2700°Kelvin Model: 202004 25 U202004 63 U