Freeze 24-7 7 Eyecing: Eye Cream

Introducing EyecingTM Fatigue Fighting Eye Cream The World’s Most Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Treatment Powered with Hydroptix-171 Youth Boosting ComplexTM, this significant breakthrough in skincare technology delivers concentrated moisturizers and natural skin brightenersto nourish, heal and boost hydration to skin cells. Created exclusively for EyecingTM, Hydroptix-171 Youth Boosting ComplexTM is a time released delivery system whichencapsulates a proprietary complex of active ingredients to fight the most serious signs of aging. Like the icing on your favorite cake, EyecingTM is bliss from the moment you apply.Creamy, smooth and packed with natural ingredients, it glides on with a cooling sensation keeping you bright-eyed all day.
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