Gillette Venus Breeze Women's Razor Blade Refills

4 ea 
Lathers for 1 Step Silky Skin ShowerSafe Razor Refills Are Individually Sealed to Stay Clean & Dry; Even When Stored in the Shower 3-Blade Cartridge & Shave Gel Bars Flex for Incredible Closeness around All Your Curves All Venus Cartridges Fit All Venus Razor Handles Try Venus Breeze Razor Refill Cartridges for Women, 4-Count Gillette® Venus® Breeze razor refill cartridges are versatile and convenient, in a 4-count package. Venus Breeze is the secret to a time-saving shave. Simply wet the razor for an amazingly smooth shave. Flexible Shave Gel Bars are built in and contain rich body butters for a light lather; a smooth glide and no need for separate shave gel or soap. Made in Poland
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