Guerlain Shalimar Refill, 3.1 oz.

Shalimar is a fragrance to excite and express desire. She who dares to wear it, is asserting her femininity and ultra sensuality. Hers is carnal seduction at the frontier of the forbidden. Shalimar gives her the freedom to express her feelings and desires relating to her perfume with the utmost in passion. Wearing Shalimar means surrendering control to the senses. • Refillable Gold Metal Canister: A beautiful way to enjoy the Shalimar fragrance. Crafted of ribbed, textured gold metal with the seal of Guerlain on the lid and the name on the front. It comes with a 3.1-ounce clear glass spray bottle. • Eau de Toilette Refill: The 3.1-ounce refill slips into the gold metal canister.
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