Hairdo. by Jessica Simpson & Ken Paves 18" Beach Curl Pony

Buttered Toast ,
Chocolate Copper ,
Ebony ,
Glazed Strawberry ,
Golden Wheat ,
Midnight Brown
Unleash your inner beach babe with the Beach Curl Pony. Beach Curl Pony attaches with a unique comb and velcro attachment and has sexy tousled waves.
  • Comb slides securely between your hair and ponytail holder while the velcro and pre-designated hair section wrap around the attachment point for a look that incredibly seamless.
  • Feels like real hair and stands up to heat and humidity.
  • Tru2Life® fiber- stands up to heat and humidity and offers style options.
  • Comb/ Velcro attachment- blends seamlessly into your own hair for a natural look.
  • Overall 18"
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