Heelys Girls' Preschool Straight Up Skate Shoes

1.0, 2.0, 3.0 
Girls' Preschool Heelys Straight Up Skate Shoes Who needs a skateboard when you have Heelys? Just tilt back one foot and ride anywhere. The Heelys Straight Up Skate Shoes can be worn as a cool, comfortable casual sneaker or as a fun skate shoe. Featuring a durable suede upper, premium stitching and vulcanized rubber outsole, these sneakers keep feet happy all day long. The Heelys Straight Up also has padding all around the tongue, heel and collar for maximum protection right where you need it. Ditch the board and lace up your Heelys. FEATURES:
  • UPPER: Suede
  • OUTSOLE: Vulcanized rubber with wheels
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