Heelys Kid's Karma Skate Shoe

13 M US Little Kid, 1 M US Little Kid, 3 M US Little Kid, 5 M US Big Kid, 6 M US Big Kid, 7 M US Big Kid 
You've seen them around, right Ninja-like kids zipping past you left and right, nonchalantly texting away or eyeing the other slow, normal pedestrians. Well, now it's your time, pal! Check out the Heelys Karma skate shoes. They aren't your typical "skate" shoes that you see rockin' around SHOEBACCA.com's warehouse. These kicks need no board; the wheels are built right into the heel. How awesome is that Say it with us: "FREAKIN' AWESOME!"Of course, the Heelys Karma skate shoes aren't just out for fun, though it's a pretty good reason. No, these kicks come fully stocked with comfort and support so you can roll along all day. Padding throughout makes for a cushy ride, and the vulcanized Ninja Grip rubber outsole offers cutting-edge traction. They're fun, they're functional, they're even ctional... And they're yours for a steal today! Order yours before they all roll out (wheel puns are totallly allowed).
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