Heller The Bellini Chair Set of Six

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Heller Details Heller - The Bellini Chair Set of Six. Sold in a set of six. Since the 1960 ́s, the versatile Mario Bellini has been celebrated for his distinctive designs in architecture, master planning, interiors, furnishings, and industrial design. In 1998 he designed the Bellini Chair for Heller, which won the coveted Compasso d ́Oro in 2001. Bellini ́s designs are often created by molding clay into muscular forms. Bellini has said that designing a chair is "infinitely more complex than designing a skyscraper". "Tell me what chair you’ve designed and I‘ll tell you what sort of architect you are."--Mario Bellini Injection molded stacking chair appropriate for indoor/outdoor commercial, institutional and residential use. The flexing action of the back provides a high degree of comfort. Lightly textured, fully washable surface. The legs provided with pads for hard surface flooring. Specs Who: Designed by Mario Bellini and manufactured by Heller . Materials: Fiberglass reinforced polypropylene. Specs: (inches) Height: 33 1/16 Seat Height: 18 1/8 Width: 17 5/16 Depth: 18 1/8 Weight: 7 1/2 lbs Weight: Features: UL Listed Lamp Type: -- -