Hollywood Fashion Secrets Clothing Kit

One Size 
Have no fear, the reliable Hollywood Fashion Secrets Clothing Kit is here to the rescue! This fashion first-aid kit saves you from those annoying wardrobe mishaps for a flawless look. Clothing Kit contains: ; Stain Removing Pen No more pesky stains to ruin your day. Helps remove food and drink stains wherever you are. Compact size perfect for your handbag, travel bag and pocket. Deodorant Removing Sponge Look picture perfect all day. Nix deodorant marks, pet hair and most make-up powder from clothing--without water! Convenient size to stash away in your handbag for a quick touch up. Sweater Saver Extend the life of your knits. Lightweight pumice stone. Removes unsightly pilling, fuzz and knots from clothing revealing a like-new knit. Garment Shields Includes ten self-adhesive, disposable apparel shields. Stay fresh, dry and clean with moisture-wicking fabric. Prevent embarrassing underarm wetness. Protect fabric from permanent stains. Keep underarm odors off clothing. Lint Removing Sheets Includes two packs of 30 sheets, for a total of 60 sheets. Removes pet hair, dandruff, dust and fuzz to keep you looking impeccably groomed. Perfect sleek and slender size for travel.