iTouchless Sensor Control Plug-In Elongated Toilet Seat

The lid cover of this toilet seat raises automatically when a person is within 6" of the front sensor. For men, a slow wave of the hand over the top sensor will lift the toilet seat as well. The occupancy sensor, located in the center of the lid cover, will keep the seat open until the occupant leaves. Both the seat cover and lid will close automatically 15 seconds after you leave, eliminating the need to touch the seat. Touchless toilet seat is easy to install and, it can slide off for easy cleaning. Coated with anti-bacterial Silver Technology for added protection against germs on the seat. Occupancy Sensor range can also be easily adjusted, allowing the unit to be installed in a wide variety of bathroom shapes and sizes. Perfect for people with disabilities, senior citizens and families with children. Includes Lithium battery that lasts up to 3 months and adaptor for recharging.
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