Jamie Joseph Gas Bijoux Silver Plated Cuff with Faux Turquoise and Coral

Knockout cuff from designer Andre Gas. Set in silver, this wonderfully intertwined cuff has fax coral and turquoise stones set throughout, a plethora of hammered circles creating an exquisite arm piece! Measures 2 1/4" tall with a width of 2". Fits an average wrist. Additionally, there are imperfections which only add to the beauty and edginess of the jewelry. If you find your item unacceptable, Thanks for your understanding. Repair Disclaimer: We will make every effort to repair what is broken. What we cannot restore are changes to the finish of the jewelry. This jewelry is costume, and is therefore sensitive to alcohol in hairspray and fragrance. It can be ruined in chlorine water (do. not. swim. in. it. sunbathing ok!). Ylang 23 is known for an amazing record in handling repairs, no matter if they are for newly bought items, or for older favorites.
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