John Frieda Clear Shine Luminous Hair Glaze

6.5fl oz 
Previously salon-exclusive, this clear glazing treatment with a patented formula delivers high-impact shine and satin-smooth texture. Results intensify with each use. Will not damage hair or change hair color Ammonia, dye and peroxide free For all hair shades Salon tested Made in USA For Daily Use: Start with any John Frieda® Collection shampoo and conditioner. Squeeze excess water out of hair. While still in the shower, smooth Luminous Color Glaze® Clear Shine through wet hair using only enough product to cover hair evenly from root to tip. Leave on for at least three minutes and rinse. Style as usual. Glaze each time you wash your hair, or a minimum of three times per week. For Weekly Treatment: Apply to dry, unwashed hair. Saturate hair completely and pile loosely on top of your head. Wash hands thoroughly with soap to remove excess product. Leave on for 20 minutes. When time is up, rinse out. Shampoo, condition and style as usual. Distr. by John Frieda Professional Hair Care Division, Kao Brands Company65
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