John Frieda Controlled Lightening Spray

3.5fl oz 
Patent pending peroxide lightening formula, with citrus and chamomile, works with heat tools for lightening and brightening blonde hair, up to one and a half shades. Gradually lightens in 3-5 uses. Maximum lightening occurs after no more than 10 uses. With thermo-protectant. For blonde hair only. Made in USA Prior to use please read directions and warning statement. For best results, after conditioning, spray thoroughly on towel-dried hair, then style as desired. For optimal lightening, use a flat iron or curling iron after blow-drying. Only use once between hair washings. Use only on clean, wet hair. Use no more than 10 times between colourings. Allover lightening: Spray hair thoroughly, making sure to cover surface and under sections. Comb through and blow-dry. Root-blending: Part hair into sections and spray on roots. Blow-dry. Highlights: Spray on select strands from root to ends. Comb through and blow-dry. © 2011 Kao USA Inc.
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