KitchenAid 4-Slice Toaster

Advanced technology with an LCD showing toasting progress and when the toast is ready to serve. Advanced technology with an LCD display showing toasting progress and countdown to serving time. Recalls and displays the last shading level and function to toast identically every time. Change the browning level using the dial that adjusts from 1-7 settings. One-touch motorized control to raise or lower bread at the touch of a button. Extra-wide 1 12" slots feature interior racks that self-adjust, centering the rack width to keep thick or thin slices of bread, bagels, pastries or English muffins upright for even toasting. Defrost function provides complete thawing of frozen waffles or pastries to ensure precise browning. Bagel function reduces power 50% on one side of the heating element to gently brown the outside of a bagel, while toasting the inside. Removable crumb tray. Cancel button. Cord tidy to wrap cord out of sight underneath the toaster base. KitchenAid is acclaimed internationally for high performance appliances
$130 $99.95