Kyocera Black Ceramic Utility Knife, 41⁄2"

Perfect for everything from slicing and dicing to peeling and mincing, this utility knife makes a great addition to any collection. Kyocera's world-famous ceramic blades—incredibly strong, ground to microscopic precision, and polished to perfection—will hold an edge much longer than other professional blades and are impervious to acid, oil and salt. An ergonomic handle and exceptional balance rounds out the package, offering precise control and reducing fatigue from repetitive cutting tasks. Manufacturer Kyocera: Material: Ceramic, resin Care: Hand wash only Use: Ceramic blades are meant to supplement, not replace, traditional steel knives. Avoid pits, bones and hard produce. Use only on wooden or plastic cutting boards Dimensions: 41⁄2" Warranty: 5-year warranty FEATURES Proprietary ceramic formulation yields a blade that is almost as hard as diamond Ceramic blades are lightweight—almost half the weight of an equivalent steel knife—making them comfortable extensions of your hand Ceramic blades never rust and will not react with ingredients or impart flavors to food Deep blade and ergonomic handle ensure a secure grip and greater knuckle clearance Blade holds a razor-sharp edge for much longer than steel knives Kyocera's lifetime complimentary sharpening service restores worn edges to factory-new sharpness—all you pay is shipping and handling
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