Lands' End NQP Women's Regular Elbow Sleeve Solid Performance Tunic

Chesapeake Blue
Some Tunics suffered dirt spots. Some had material flaws, minimal sizing faults, sewing faults. Maddening as these defects are, they're also quite minor. If we felt otherwise, you wouldn't find us offering these at any price. High-tech clothing built for your active lifestyle, whether running a race or running errands. The lightweight fabric wicks moisture to keep you cool. A touch of stretch ensures a great fit and ease of movement, and side panels are designed to wear without cling. Ultraviolet protection woven in helps block the sun’s harmful rays. A little extra length in this tunic provides perfect coverage, and accent seams flatter your shape. The inside seams are flatlocked for comfortable chafe-free wear. 96% polyester, 4% spandex. Machine wash. Imported.
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