Laura Mercier Eye Pencil - Arabesque Collection

A smoothly textured eye pencil that provides precise definition and easy, smooth application. Applies evenly without "dragging" or pulling the delicate eye area. Produces clean, precise lines. Can be sharpened to an extremely fine point without breaking off. Use a "dot and wriggle" motion to fill up the entire lash line at the roots of lashes, in between each individual lash, creating the look of lush, thick lashes. Apply liner where your lashes naturally grow, all the way to outer corner, but leaving inner corners free. Remember that an eye totally enclosed in liner will look smaller. For a softer look, line only upper lid, or both upper and lower lids for maximum definition - with Laura's technique, you can line upper and lower lids without getting a heavily made-up "raccoon eye" look.
  • 0.038 oz
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