Le Creuset L Crust 1.25 Qt. Prcision Pour Saucpan Individual Pics Cookwar

One Size 
Stock your kitchen with world-renowned Le Creuset cookware to get the most out of your favorite recipes for years to come. This cast-iron saucepan is ideal for small-batch cooking, sauces or reheating leftovers. Constructed of molded cast iron with a glossy porcelain coating. Cast iron is highly regarded for its durability, even heat distribution and heat retention for long, slow cooking. Easy-to-clean and scratch-resistant enamel coating is safe to use with all types of utensils. Use metal utensils with care to avoid scratching the surface. Heavy lid with a phenolic knob seals in heat and moisture so foods self baste. Nonreactive enameled cooking surface needs no pre-seasoning and is impermeable to stains and odors. Ergonomic grip handle - opposite the main handle - for easy two-handed carry. Precision-pour rim prevents dripping and spills. Phenolic knob is oven safe to 375° F. Broiler safe without the lid. Dishwasher safe, hand washing recommended. Dimensions: 3.5 high x 6.5 diameter. Weight: 5 lbs.
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