Le Creuset Stackable Ramekin

The ideal individual serving size for creme brulee, souffle or a side dish. Cooks and serves beautifully, then stores in the refrigerator or freezer&149; Stackable to save storage space&149; Le Creuset stoneware is fired at 2,156 degrees F, creating nonporous ovenware that is resistant to chips, cracks and scratches&149; Superior heat conduction for faster cooking times, ensuring all ingredients cook evenly&149; Exceptional heat retention keeps food warmer longer than glass or metal&149; Smooth, easy-to-clean enameled surface will not retain food odors&149; Foods will not react with the enameled finish&149; Bold and dynamic colors match Le Creuset enameled cast-iron cookware&149; For nearly a century, Le Creuset has consistently been the preferred choice of chefs around the world for its cooking advantages, performance and style
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