Levi's Vintage Jeans 1960 605 Slim Fit Stock Crop

28" Reg – W28in (71cm)L32in (81cm), 30" Long – W30in (76cm)L34in (86cm), 30" Reg – W30in (76cm)L32in (81cm) 
ABOUT LEVI’S VINTAGE CLOTHING: It all started with the world’s very first blue jean back in 1873, now Levi’s history of creating iconic jeans, is bought to life with the Levi’s Vintage Clothing range. Meticulously recreating pieces from their vintage archive in San Francisco, Levi’s Vintage Clothing look to iconic pieces such as 1954 501's worn by style icons such as Marlon Brando. Every detail is poured over, including metallic laurel wreath buttons on their 1944 jeans that stood for a symbol of piece during World War II. All of the denim throughout the collection is made in the Conemills factory in Greensboro, North Carolina where Levi's have sourced denim from the 1920s. 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane
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