Libbey Fountain Shoppe Banana Split Set, 6 Piece

set of 6
Clear glass banana split dish is the authentic boat design made in the USA for restaurants -- available from CHEFS to serve at home! Classic clear glass boat is the authentic banana split dish developed for the restaurant industry. Cradles all the delectable ingredients: banana, ice cream, berries, nuts, syrup and cherry. Ideal breakfast serving dish for berries and yogurt, apple cinnamon oatmeal or granola and fruit. Adds classic restaurant-style presentation to ice cream, gelato or sorbet. Durable rim and curvature design ensure easy transport. Ideal quantity to serve toppings on a sundae bar or relishes on a buffet table. Durable thick glass complements every table setting. Nonporous and stain-resistant. America's Glassmaker for more than 100 years, Libbey is a leading name in tableware internationally