Libbey Selene Chip & Dip Bowl

chip & dip
Durable thick glass, one-piece chip and dip bowl conveniently features center well for dip. Beautiful clear glass, Libbey Selene chip and dip bowl is an upscale design, without the upscale price. With generous capacity and built-in center well, this Libbey Chip and Dip Bowl transports hors d'oeuvres with one hand from kitchen to table. Durable, thick one-piece glass construction is the perfect serving bowl for tortilla chips and guacamole or salsa, potato chips and dip, crackers and cheese spread or pate. This Libbey glass bowl serves crisp vegetables with creamy ranch dip, hummus or spinach dip. Serve an assortment of melon slices or berries and fill center well with tropical dip. Center well keeps flavors separate. Dishwasher-safe. Known as America's Glassmaker, Libbey focuses on high-quality glassware and tableware. Originating more than 100 years ago, Libbey is a leading designer internationally in the tableware industry.
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