Libbey Supreme Sundae Dish set, 17 ounce

set of 6
Restaurant-quality clear dessert dish serves ice cream, triple fudge brownie or tiramisu with 5-star class. Restaurant-quality, clear glass dishes serve ice cream, specialty brownies or tiramisu with 5-star presentation. Introduce rich flavors and creamy textures that give ice cream a well-deserved welcome on the table. Perfect shape to allow the drizzling of syrup, addition of fresh berries, nonpareils or hot fudge. Pedestal base keeps dessert chilled longer and allows easy transport. Ideal size to serve gelato, sorbet, mousse or custard. Thick durable glass serves restaurant-style yogurt and fresh berries, apple cinnamon oatmeal or French puff pastry. Clear glass complements every table setting decor. Nonporous and stain-resistant. America's Glassmaker for more than 100 years, Libbey is a leading name in tableware internationally