Lipstick Queen Metallic Lipstick

"Metallic accents are the easiest way to add a spark to your wardrobe. And now you can do the same with your lips! These lipsticks' metallic element makes them mesmerizing and completely magnetic to the eye." Poppy King, Lipstick Queen Founder Inspired by lipstick's own intrinsic magnetism, Poppy created The Metals, three ultra-luxurious, satin-metallic lipsticks. Intensely irresistible and glamorous, these lipsticks contain an overdose of ultra-fine metallic pearls and rich pigments for the ultimate magnetic allure. Enriched with high levels of anti-oxidant vitamin E and apricot kernel oil to nourish and comfort the lips, these lipsticks cannot fail to entrance you with their smooth, drag-free application, creamily comfortable wear and luxuriously rich coverage. Benefits: Long-wearing and moisturizing formulation Enriched with protective anti-oxidant vitamin E and nourishing apricot kernel oil Iconic, flattering and versatile shades Shades include: Metal Nude (metallic rose-gold nude) Metal Red (metallic pillarbox red) Metal Wine (metallic deep burgundy) (0.13 oz.).
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