Lodge Color Enamel Covered Casserole, 3 quart

Durable porcelain-enamel exterior and glossy interior for nonstick release--no seasoning required. The superior conductivity and heat retention of cast-iron with durable porcelain-enamel exterior and smooth glossy interior for nonstick release. Wide and shallow dish allows the golden crisp browning of casseroles, au gratins, baked Italian or Latin entrees. Heats evenly throughout the bottom and up the side walls, providing consistent cooking and baking. Reduces cooking time for energy efficiency. Durable porcelain-enamel exterior layer is fired at high temperatures, allowed to cool and set the finish, then reapplied and fired again to maintain the long-life chip-resistant qualities. Smooth glossy white porcelain interior provides a healthy alternative to nonstick cooking. Ready to use--no seasoning required. Tight-fitting lid with stainless-steel knob seals in moisture and nutrients. Excellent presentation on the table, retaining heat for serving. Transport easily using the dual handle. Oven-safe to 450 F. Safe for electric, gas, ceramic, glass top and induction cooktops. Lodge Cast Iron is America's original cookware company, introducing cast-iron skillets and Dutch ovens in 1896. Lodge maintains high quality standards throughout the manufacturing process, and is the recipient of numerous awards for environmentally-responsible manufacturing.