Mark Hill Big Night Out Pre-Styling Shampoo

8.4fl oz 
Prepare Your Hair For Serious Styling! What a nightmare! You've just shampooed your hair & it's gone too soft, too floppy & won'y do what you want it to do! We've all been there! Soft hair is no longer on the menu, as this amazing fibre-strengthening shampoo does just want you want it to do. Cleans, refreshes & removes product build up. Wow! And guess what? If never overloads, it just does what it says - prepares your hair for that big night out. Have some good, clean fun before you hit the town! Just use in place of your normal shampoo. Follow with a touch of Get the Party Started! Conditioner & then style style style your locks into the hottest looks around! Now you're ready to party! Unleash your Alter Ego! Mark Hill x Made in the Netherlands ©Boots Retail USA Inc
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