Me To We Water Rafiki Friend Chain

The Me to We Water Rafiki Friend Chain can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, anklet or headband. It features a handmade beaded detail.
  • Sustainably made by a Maasai mama in Kenya
  • Me to We supports Free The Children with each sale This limited edition Water Rafiki Friend Chain supports Free The Children's clean water projects. When you purchase this Water Rafiki Friend Chain, Me to We will make a contribution to Free The Children to supply one year of clean water to one person. In Swahili, the word for friend is Rafiki. Each of these handmade chains is lovingly beaded by a Maasai mama in Kenya. This Rafiki ensures more children have access to safe sources of clean water, protecting them from waterborne illnesses and freeing them to attend school. Learn more about Free the Children at and Me to We at .
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