Microplane 3-in-1 Ultimate Citrus Tool

3-in-1 tool zests, scores and creates garnishes. Surgical-grade, stainless-steel etched blade zester with garnishing blades also scores fruit. Zests only the citrus peel, leaving the bitter pith on the fruit. Two channel blades: 316" Dia. and 58" Dia. create restaurant-style garnishes. Scores fruit to begin zesting or start the peel of orange, grapefruit or kumquat. Handheld tool also quickly grates spices, soft or hard cheese. High-quality stainless-steel will not rust. Blade safety covers for in-drawer storage. Microplane's precise razor-like edges are formed by an exacting process called photo-etching, creating edges that grate finely on contact, without the uneven tugging and shredding of regular graters