Mindscope Turbo Twisters Stunt RC Car in Red

Turbo Twisters Stunt RC Car contains a patented technology with 360° rotating front axle. Each car contains 6 LED lights that change color. Translucent tires/wheels which light up. Make your car flip, tumble, roll, dance & do wheelies.
  • Translucent wheels that light up
  • Metallic paint finish
  • Patented technology stunt actions
  • 6 colorful changing LED lights
  • Ages 3-Adult (fun for all ages)
  • Fully tested & certified for ASTM, CPSC & FCC standards
  • Tires are made of durable translucent rubber, can be used indoor and outdoor
  • Can be paired with Blue Turbo Twister, both cars are on different frequencies, RC unit will not interrupt one another
  • 27 MHZ