Molton Brown London Aroma Reeds

5 oz 
MOLTON BROWN London Aroma Reeds fill any room in your home with a warm, fragrant scent. Gingerlily : London via Tahiti. Exotic flora, black sands, fragrant spices perfuming the breeze. Orange and Bergamot : London via Seville. Dappled shade, fruit trees strewn along the trail, scents as sunny as the sky. Pink Pepperpod : London via The Gulf of Guinea. A humid dusk, sweet aromas in the air, spices ground between pestle and bowl. Ylang Ylang : London via Madagascar. Secrets from the rainforest, sun-warmed woods, dozing heads beneath the canopy. Mulberry and Thyme : London via Les Cevennes. Winding rivers, a freshly tied bouquet garni, mulberry trees hooked along the slopes.
  • By MOLTON BROWN London.
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