Molton Brown London 'Eucalyptus' Body Wash (17 oz.) ($50 Value)

17 oz 
MOLTON BROWN London's Body Wash cleanses your skin, leaving you feeling fresh, clean and beautifully scented. Silverbirch (formerly known as Bracing Silverbirch) : London via France. Templetree (formerly known as Blissful Templetree) : London via Laos. Water Mint (formerly known as Cool Buchu) : London via Croatia. Samphire (formerly known as Energizing Seamoss) : London via The Atlantic. Japanese Orange (formerly known as Enlivening Toko-yuzu) : London via Japan. Bushukan (formerly known as Fresh Bushukan Citrus) : London via Thailand. Gingerlily (formerly known as Heavenly Gingerlily) : London via Tahiti. Suma Ginseng (formerly known as Invigorating Suma Ginsing) : London via Brazil. Pink Pepperpod (formerly known as Paradisiac Pink) : London via The Gulf of Guinea. Black Peppercorn (formerly known as Re-charge Black Pepper) : London via Madagascar. Ylang Ylang (formerly known as Relaxing Yuan Zhi) : London via Madagascar. White Sandalwood (formerly known as Travel-reviving Cempaka) : London via China. Coco and Sandalwood (formerly known as Ultrasmooth Coco de Mer) : London via the Phillipines. Eucalyptus (formerly known as Warming Eucalyptus) : London via Australia. Patchouli and Saffron : London via 1973.
  • By MOLTON BROWN London.
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