Munchkin Grippy Dots - Multicolor - 6 ct


Munchkin Grippy Dots
Munchkin Grippy Dots adds to the fun for children in the tub. These colorful textured tub grips help prevent slipping in the tub in a colorful way. They have a strong suction grip base to keep them in place. Plus, one dot has White Hot technology and turns white when the bath water is too hot for children.
Why You'll Love It: Munchkin Grippy Dots colorfully prevents bath tub slips and falls.
Age: 18 months and up
  • 6 textured tub grips prevents slipping in the tub
  • 1 dot features tells when the water is too hot
  • Strong suction grip base
  • Fun, bright colors make them visible for toddlers at the bottom of the tub

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