Nambe Copper Canyon Ice Bucket

Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon and more; these canyons are carved from water and wind. The coppery sand and desert flora are referenced by the copper and verdigris on the ripples and ridges of Nambe's Copper Canyon Collection. See Full Details
  • Due to subtly varying verdigris, each piece is unique, a sculpture of contrasting color and texture.
  • Measures 7" diameter x 8" H.
  • The rim is scalloped in a symmetrical pattern.
  • Wavy lid and handle glow with copper's pure warmth, as does a smooth band at the top.
  • Made with Nambe alloy coated with copper for heirloom-quality durability.
  • Food safe, meets all FDA guidelines.
  • Can be placed in freezer to chill serving piece as needed.
  • Hand wash.
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