Napa Style NapaStyle Panini Grill & Gift Set

Panini is to regular sandwiches what Veloce sports cars are to mid-’70s station wagons. For pure enjoyment, both making and eating, there’s nothing like a pressata (pressed sandwich). The weight of my stainless-steel panini grill makes it perfect for a pressata, but I like it best for its versatility. I use it to make a quick weeknight meal of grilled chicken, fennel-spiced prawns, steak or vegetables. It’s also great for desserts. Made with a nonstick surface. Instructions included. Grill is 1,400 Watt and measures 12¾ x 14½ x 14½" when open. See below for more panini suggestions. Panini Grill & Bread Spreads Trio includes: Spicy Roasted Pepper, Tuscan Artichoke and Olive & White Bean Spreads. Panini Gift Set Grill includes Grill, Bread Spreads Trio, Roasted Garlic Spread & Carlo Middione’s Panini Cookbook. Panini Grill: $99 Value Price $49
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