Napa Style Nesting Earthenware Bakers

Our bakers embody the very idea of uncomplicated hospitality, making memories of great meals season after season. I use mine nearly every day. In the fall, fill them with roasted root vegetables, cassoulet and lasagna. They travel beautifully from oven to table, piping hot and perfectly appealing. In spring, they carry oven-braised artichokes and in summer, your special peach cobbler. Once you’ve tried them, you won’t know how you ever survived without them. Handmade in Italy’s famed ceramics region, Montelupo, they are dishwasher-, oven- and microwave-safe. Three Bakers, Orange, Blue & Lemon, one of each size. Small: 7 ½" diam.; Medium: 9" diam.; Large: 11 ¼" diam.