Nialaya CZ Diamond Bracelet in Aquamarine

S, M,
  • Materials: Signature Lock: 92,5 Solid Silver 14 Kt. Gold Plating; Logo Ball: 92,5 Solid Silver 14 Kt. Gold Plating 7 mm; Aquamarine: 10 mm; Rose Quartz: 10 mm; White CZ 18 Kt. Gold Plated Base 10 mm; Evil Eye Hamsa: Pink CZ w. Red CZ Diamond 92,5 Solid Silver 18 Kt. Gold Plating
  • Detail: Gold Plated Beads with Aquamarine and Rose Quartz, Evil Eye Hamsa Pendant, Silk Beige String, Logo Balls, Signature Lock
  • Healing Powers: Aquamarine calms the nerves, balances the emotional, mental and physical bodies, while helping awareness and bringing peace; Rose Quartz, known as the "Stone of Love", removes negative energy to replace it with loving vibrations; Gold (Plated) is helping to stabilize, purify and keep balances. It also evokes strength to help overcome depressive tendencies; Silver helps to activate the most potential powers of other stones, and also symbolizes wealth and prosperity.
  • Size: Small: 5.5" - 6"; Medium: 6" - 6.5" ; Large: 6.5" - 7.0" Length
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