Nintendo DS, Ben 10 Galactic Racing

The first kart racing game set in the popular BEN 10 universe features Ben and his alien friends competing in an over-the-top, galactic grand prix through a variety of tracks on three different worlds! Compete for the best times in the high-speed grand prix modes or engage in four-player multiplayer mayhem.
  • fast-paced racing action set in the BEN 10 universe and based on the hit Cartoon Network TV show
  • race in over 12 different karts in 12 exhilarating and challenging grand prix tracks spread across 3 environmental planets from the BEN 10 universe
  • 15 characters for players to race as, including heroes like Ben, Kevin and 10 of Ben's most popular alien forms
  • an "Ultimate" power move unleashes a super charged, race changing boost of speed and power themed to each character's abilities
  • drifting and mid-air stunts that both add to the excitement of the race and charge up character-specific attacks and defenses
  • single-player and multiplayer modes include: Single Race, Grand Prix Circuit, Time Trials, Short Circuit, and Arena Showdowns (multiplayer only)
  • DS exclusive! Play as the alien hero Diamondhead
  • made in America
  • Nintendo gaming system not included
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