Nintendo DSTM ZhuZhu Puppies Game and Toy

Everyone loves puppies! Zhu Zhu Pets: Puppies allows you to adopt and take care of a playful and energetic puppy. If you do a good job of taking care of your puppy before mom or dad comes home, you'll will be rewarded with an allowance.
  • you are responsible for maintaining your puppy, including regular feeding, bathing and walks
  • clean up any messes puppy has caused
  • take your hard-earned allowance to the pet store, where you can buy treats and toys for your puppy
  • variety of games
  • mixes classic puppy games like fetch and chase with new games like catching bubbles or sing-along
  • dress your dogs up using a variety of collars and hats
  • all ages
  • imported
  • Includes exclusive "Freckles" Zhu Zhu Puppy toy gift with purchase
  • Nintendo DS gaming system not included
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