Nintendo Official Mario Plush Series Stuffed Toy - 5" Mario Mascot Strap (Japanese Import)

Official Nintendo Mario Plush Series Stuffed Toy - 5" Mario Mascot Strap Japanese Import Mario is a fictional character in his eponymous video game series, created by Japanese video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto. Serving as Nintendo's mascot and the main protagonist of the series, Mario has appeared in over 200 video games since his creation. Mario is depicted as a short, pudgy, Italian-American plumber who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. He repeatedly stops the turtle-like Bowser's numerous plans to kidnap Princess Peach and subjugate the Mushroom Kingdom. As Nintendo's mascot, Mario is arguably the most famous character in video game history and his image is commonly associated with video games. Mario games, as a whole, have sold more than 210 million units, making the Mario series the best-selling video game series of all time. Recommended Ages:3 – 15
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