Nourison Somerset ST55 Rectangle Rug, Green, 2.0'x5.9'

2.0' by 5.9', 3.6' by 5.6' 

This resplendent group of exquisite rugs has something for everyone. It features traditional, transitional and contemporary designs in a variety of color combinations. This versatile collection is ideal for a range of interiors and infuses a dynamic element into any setting that is sure to inspire conversation.
    Product Measures: 2' width x 2.9' length; 2' width x 5.9' length; 2.3' width x 8' length; 3.6' width x 5.6' length; 5.6' width x 7.5' length; 7.9' width x 10.1' length
    Manufactured in: Imported
    Material: 100% Polyacrylic
SALE $56.29–84.49