Oeuf Robin Conversion Kit - White

Oeuf Robin Conversion Kit - White The Robin Toddler Bed represents a milestone in your child's development. As a toddler day-bed, your child's new-found sense of independence is reinforced by their ability to climb in and out on their own. Sturdy and safe ·Made of Baltic birch plywood to provide a sturdy, secure structure ·Meets or exceeds all US, European, Australian, and Canadian safety standards ·Made in Latvia, a nation with a strong woodworking heritage, from locally sourced wood ·Finishes are non-toxic and water-based, free of VOC health hazards ·Made in a Forest Stewardship Certified facility ·Wood wastes and finishing materials are recycled ·Packaged in recycled cardboard Easy to use ·Easy to assemble ·Continue to use your existing standard full-size crib mattress and bedding Dimensions: 54in length x 13in width x 1.5in height
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