Ojon Full Detox Detoxifying Shampoo 8.5 oz

Deeply cleanses to remove impurities and product build-up. Clinically proven to instantly reduce sebum by 83%. When hair begins to get limp and lifeless, you can bet the cause is too much product buildup. Once a week, go into Full DetoxTM. Rotate this gentle, non-stripping shampoo with your everyday ritual to help remove the dulling, hair damaging residue. Nature's hair-repairing golden elixir plus purifying Soap Bark Tree Extract, Macadamia Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamin E absorb excess oils, environmental pollutants and impurities without stripping hair of vital moisture . Hair feels soft, manageable bouncy, and airy. OjonTM oil - Known as " nature's golden elixir" , this now-legendary oil is rich in essential lipids similar to those in unprocessed, virgin hair. Found only in the rainforests of Central America and harvested and extracted by hand from the nuts of the fragrant Ojon tree, this amazing beauty secret has been used for centuries to restore perfect health and vitality to " hair broken by the blazing sun" . The purity of this precious oil is what creates its natural affinity for hair.
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