OXO Good Grips Toilet Brush & Plunger Combo


The OXO Good Grips Combo Toilet Brush and Plunger Set keeps your bathroom cleaning tools neat and together in one convenient canister. The compact footprint is ideal for narrow spaces, like between the wall and toilet. It also keeps the Brush and Plunger covered and discreet, no matter where you store them. The canister doors pop open and stay open when you remove the Toilet Brush or Plunger. When you're done cleaning, simply place the tool back in the canister, and the doors close automatically. The Toilet Brush has a tapered head with durable bristles for thorough cleaning, and the Plunger works on all toilets, including low-flow. The Combo Toilet Brush and Plunger Set is so neat and discreet, it will have you whistling while you work!
  • Dimensions: 1" wide x 1" long x 1" tall/deep
  • Made in China