Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil, On-The-Go Rollerball

0.5 fl oz 
New With Vitamin E Palmer's® Cocoa Butter Formula® Skin Therapy Oil On the Go Rollerball is a convenient, targeted, multi-purpose skin perfection product that can be used all over face & body. This portable rollerball delivery system is ideal for multiple, on the go treatment applications. Cetesomate-E® Complex along with our exclusive blend of key ingredients helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, dry, damaged skin, uneven skin tone, aging skin & fine lines & wrinkles. Skin looks & feels instantly soft & smooth with this unique non-greasy, non-staining formula. Cetesomate-E Complex is an integral component of our unique Rapidermal Absorption System® & helps improve the skin penetration & absorption characteristics of the formula inot the epidermal layer of skin. The Rapidermal Absorption System helps our powerful ingredients penetrate deep into your skin for enhanced moisturization. This fast drying, non-staining formula penetrates deeply without greasiness. The rollerball applicator allows targeted spot application to problem areas. Targeted Skin Solution For: Cocoa Butter Vitamin E Sesame Oil Canola Oil Cetesomate-E Rosehip Oil Results Scars X X X X Helps diminish scar's appearance Stretch Marks X X X X Helps improve the appearance of stretch marks Dry, Damaged Skin X X X X X X Deeply moisturizing ingredients absorb quickly while improving skin's moisture levels. Skin looks hydrated, firmer & more plump Uneven Skin Tone X X X X X Targets marks & sports & helps even skin tone for a more perfect complexion Fine Lines / Wrinkles X X X X X Keeps skin conditioned, forming a protective barrier while allowing skin to breathe
  • Helps Improve the Appearance of Scars, Stretch Marks, Dry, Damaged Skin, Uneven Skin Tone & Aging Skin
  • Paraben & Phthalate Free
  • Dermatologically Tested & Hypoallergenic
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