Panasonic Pedicure Care, Model ES2502P

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Silky Smooth Feet at the Touch of a Button Outstanding results in your own home from heel to toe. Carry Out Salon-Style Pedicures Quickly & Easily with this Beauty Care Solution Battery Operated (Two AA Alkaline Batteries, Not Included) Made in JapanWarnings Caution: Keep out of reach of children. The file rotates at high speed. Do not use it on soft skin. Do not file too deeply. Do not press so hard that the file stops rotating. If skin appears abnormal after filing, stop using the product and consult a dermatologist. People suffering from diabetes; poor circulation in the feet; or swelling, itchiness, pain, or excessive warmth in the feet should consult their doctor before using the product. Before use, check that the file and file cover are in good condition. Do not file excessively during a single session. File a little at a time over several days to avoid soreness and injury to the skin. Do not use the product in the bath. Do not share the product with family members or others. Do not use the product if you suffer from ailments affecting the skin on your feet, your toenails, or the area around your toenails. Do not wash this product with water. Do not use on wet skin. Do not leave the product in a very humid location (such as a bathroom). Do not modify, disassemble or repair. Do not clean the product with alcohol, benzine, etc. Wipe with a dry cloth or a cloth which has been moistened with a Diluted soap solution. A damaged or defective product should be returned to a customer service center or to an authorized customer service agent. Do not attempt to use this product if defective or try to repair it yourself. We advise you to replace the file when you notice a reduced filing performance. Before usage please read the manual carefully and completely. Precautions: Do not use the product for filing anything other than calluses and hardened skin on the feet. Do not use the product on elbows, knees, hands, fingernails or toenails, blisters, corns, warts, scars, eczema, moles, or pimples.
  • Dual Speed Settings for Ease of Use
  • Two Interchangeable Heads
  • Regular File for Soles of Feet and Heels
  • Narrow File for Use Between Toes and Smaller Areas
  • Portable Design - Cap Doubles as Storage Case
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