Peak Performance POP Beauty Mascara Inky Indigo

A revolution in mascara application! Mascara with advanced lash comb separates, coats, lifts & fans out every lash, resulting in immense lash volume & dramatically maximized eyes. Lash-protecting formula conditions & nourishes lashes. Hygienic twist-up wand prevents bacteria build up & formula dry out, ensuring fresh new mascara every time. First time use: twist base 5 clicks, filling entire comb with mascara. Each additional use: twist base 4-5 clicks. Curl lashes. Wiggle the comb from lash root to tip. For outer & inner lashes, turn comb vertically; layer and "fan out" to add volume & length. For center lashes, apply by pushing lashes up & holding for a few seconds to lock in curl. POP BEAUTY
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